Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sweet sangat....

Now tgh kecoh pasal mamat yg sewa limo and surprise gf dgn bday party at Majestic Hotel. To be honest I masa nengok video tu pun buat hati kembang berbunga2. Tipu la kalau jadi gf ke wife tak cair kalau bf/husband treat us mcm tu.

I think mmg ada lelaki romantic mcm ni... bukan hanya sebab terpengaruh dgn drama melayu tho x dinafikan drama melayu skrg mmg makin mcm bollywood dah... tp mmg ada je lelaki romantic and sweet mcm tu.

Tp bila dah kawin mmg dah lain la romantic nya tu and lebih realistic. To me he is sweet bila aircon bilik rosak and dia kemas kan katil lat bilik baju and ajak tidur situ sbb xnak nengok wife dia mcm cacing kepanasan... and many more things...

Alhamdulillah with the rezeki Allah SWT. May Allah bless us always.

Be happy!

Recently, my mom and sister are seeking for alternative treatment ie Singseh. Not to talk about the singseh medicine and acupunture that I also having it right now. Tp about the guy in the pic above.

He was one of our ex TM management officer when I first started to join the company. Very down to earth and wise guy. We met during one of my visit to Singseh. At the age 72, he still look fit and happy. We were talking on many things, from company matters and also about life.

I asked him on his secret for being fit at his age. He told me and this is his words ; "2 thing ila, first you must jaga makan and exercise regularly. Secondly, be nice to people and selalu tolong orang."
. Simple je kan... tp susah nak istiqamah...

On another note, I am very lucky as I am still in my confinement leave during ramadhan. To be honest, I miss office and being busy at work but being at home pum busy jugak. So I told D that I will cook on daily basis for iftar and sahur, means no bazaar ramadhan visit except sedikit kuih. So far approaching 3 weeks puasa pun I managed to cook. Alhamdulillah.

My limited and humble menu from mihun goreng, nasi beriani, lontong, soto, bubur lambuk, homemade burger, grilled fish, cream caramel, sago gula melaka etc etc. A real happiness when u r able to prepare healthy meal for your loved ones...

Count your blessing ila!!!
Alhamdulillah, our new domestic helper is good and kind. I cant say enough thank you to Allah SWT for having this bibik. Lega hati and byk memudahkan my life now.

Selamat berpuasa semua!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Our bundle of joy.

Introducing our new bundle of joy. Having him in me was the easiest pregnancy and the fastest delivery. I was scheduled for check up and yet to be told that its already opened at 5cm... 2 hours after that he already in my arm.

Prior to that, we had our last hotel stay together before the arrival. I had strong contraction during our teatime at Majestic on the first day getaway and had a real strong contraction during our stay at Hilton. D even started to packnour things and standby with ne5arby hospital ambulance's number. But i was so positive that I can hold for another a week and it did bot materialize as we have him on the next day.

He named him with a very simple name M***... my fav name obviously. He told me that he likes the name too OR he might have no idea at all... hahahha

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today pagi pagi lagi, ada 2 wassap group in my list talk about our economy downturn and political corruption here in this beloved country. As we are belong to the middle class  people we are impacted most but the situation when all prices are hiking up and no more government subsidy in many areas for us. One of my trusted banker friend said "Cash is the king now. Keep cash, dont buy new property or car". Ehmmm me and D baru je terfikir nak beli satu condo as an investment but looks like we have to put the plan on hold dulu.

Still remeber during the 1998 recession when i was suppose to fly to US but MARA at that time stop sending student abroad and I was in that not so lucky batch. Yet I still tak rasa beban maybe because I was still student and Aruah Abah still give me pocket money as usual, still happy with my white kancil but as far as I know food at the cafetaria are not expensive unlike today. Fast forward 18 years after the 1998 recession, I am already earn quite good sum of monthly salary, own assets and car, married with 2 going to be 3 kids and now memang terasa bila semua expenses jadi mahal. Even us at this mid income people feel the heat, i believe those yang lower income with many children lebih terasa peritnya.

When money become everything in life, we are all macam jadi hamba to material, parents are more busy to earn money to ensure life comfortability. Many kids have to spend lots of time at nursery, transit place or with the maid at home while parents spend 2/3 of their time at office and on the road.  But what other choice that we have as a parent. I am lucky, feel truly lucky because I stay nearby my mom, sister and Kids daddy. so the children do not have to go to transit place, they still can have lunch at their maktok's comfy home with homecooked food or even if the food food from kedai pun they spend most of their times with with their loved ones. And I myself been blessed with a flexi office hour so I still can prepare breakfast for D and kids before they left for office or school. I still have time to cook dinner for them or if am not, we still have time to dine together. But many of people in KL nowadays do not have the luxury. Well it is consider a luxury for just having enjoy dinner together on daily basis. Unlike my childhood time previously.

Now, as a wife and mother, I just want to be lead a simple and comfortable life, be happy and spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. 

Alhamdulillah with the rezeki from Allah SWT :). Us at The Majestic

Below article is for us to remember... LIVE SIMPLY  and HAPPILY are more important..even the richest said so :)
Syahril A. KadirFollow
" Saya pun suka kepada kemewahan. Saya pun suka pergi tengok dunia, ke Tokyo, New York dan London. Saya pun suka pakai baju elok. Tetapi kita ini hendak mewah setakat mana, hendak pakai baju banyak mana, hendak tidur dalam berapa rumah satu malam, hendak makan pun sampai larat mana?
" Dalam hidup ini kita sebenarnya tidak ada status; ada masa di atas, ada masa di bawah. Kita tidak boleh mengagung-agungkan diri kita sangat. Masalahnya sekarang ada yang sudah ke atas tetapi tidak mahu turun ke bawah. Saya tidak ada lifestyle yang kena masuk kelab sana dan sini. Tetapi tidak semestinya saya tidak boleh turun ke kelab. Orang Melayu kalau hendak ke depan mesti ada cara hidup yang fleksibel, boleh naik dan turun. Jangan amalkan cara hidup yang tidak boleh ada fleksibiliti.
" Lifestyle ini sebenarnya satu penyakit. Saya biasa pakai Mercedes tetapi sekarang saya pakai Proton Perdana untuk sokong kereta nasional. Kereta itu pun cukup untuk bawa saya ke mana-mana.
" Saya juga tidak bermain golf kerana kepada saya ia memakan banyak masa. Tetapi tidak semestinya orang yang main golf itu tidak bagus atau orang yang tidak main itu lebih bagus.
" Saya pun tidak ada minat untuk beli kapal layar atau kapal terbang. Saya fikir kalau saya beli sesuatu benda yang mahal, biarlah orang ramai boleh pakai. Saya suka kalau orang ramai mendapat nikmatnya.
" Tetapi pada masa akan datang tidak tahu lagi. Kalau panjang umur saya berniaga ke negara-negara lain dan ketika itu saya memerlukan, mungkin saya akan beli juga kapal terbang. Setakat ini Proton Perdana sudah memadai.
" Tetapi orang Melayu umumnya apabila berniaga perkara pertama yang dilakukan ialah beli kereta mewah. " - TAN SRI SYED MOKHTAR AL-BUKHARY (Mingguan Malaysia 17 Oktober 2004)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blessing... Life update

Haven't write anything for more than 3 months. I was not well and do not have the mojo to write.
Many exciting things happened during my hibernate mode, on top of it, me and D are blessed to welcome our new bundle of joy in couple of months time. My last entry was the Chiangmai trip which actually the moment we discovered that a real big thing is coming to us. I was tired all the time and sick during and after the Chiangmai trip, and D has to go to Bangkok a day after we came home on an official trip left me in a bad state of health which I thought at first due to food poisoning.
I miss this french toast... the best french toast served at LeMeridian Executive Floor. Soft and fluffy.

Alhamdulillah we went through quite a smooth journey so far tho I had quite bad sickness during the first 3 months and couple of minor complications. We decided to get my previous gyne from APSH this time, same like I did with S and H. We did all the tests as recommended by the gyne and we just had our detail 3D scan last 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah so far all went well.
Our favourite cafe for now :)

We slowed down the travelling activities for the past couple of months which mainly due to my health conditions and now we are counting days for our next getaway, which gonna be our final oversea trip before the big day. We went to Terengganu as D was given a talk and to Royal Belum last year for our quiet and relaxing trip.
Tapai Ubi goreng at Marina Terengganu, the cafe that we went did  not serve this but soon they knew that am expecting they arrange for another cafe to send the Tapai Ubi Goreng to us. Alhamdulillah...

Myself and the kids together with mom and sister also had an exciting time in Colmar end of last year. D wasn't there as he has an errand to do.

Me and family with my beloved Mak Pah and family at Colmar. 
Mom; my source of strength with my 3 favourite boys...
We also moved to a new crib, its owned by my inlaws. At first I thought am gonna miss my comfy condo but after couple of weeks, I am happy with this new place. At least we have an extra room for our upcoming helper which is plan to arrive by March.

our last swimming session at our comfy condo :) memory remains forever...
H is starting his mandarin class on every sunday. Alhamdulillah we've got a new teacher. Allah permudahkan untuk hambaNya yang sentiasa bersangka baik.

January 2016, as part of the motivation to cook at home for family, me and XOXO planned to bring food for lunch at work. we had so much fun and lunch hour become our favourite time to get together now. I am lucky because my mom and sister always support my Bento plan. And to ease my weekly groceries shopping and save my time in the kitchen on daily basis, I start to plan and prepare our weekly dinner menu (of course it is flexible to change or discard). D even look forward for the dinner that I prepared based on the menu that I already shared with him a week in advance. And at times he will bring bekal to office for his morning snacks. 
Meriah nya my bento... mom even called me early in the morning requesting me to drop by at her place to pick my bento that she and my sis prepared with love.
This is mine together with N's and SNA's lunch bento.
D's morning snack :)
Me and XOXO (minus 2 members) went for half a day outing...we had lunch, tea and most importantly we went for movie Dilwale session. 
XOXO without ND and N. 

I am blessed with the life that I have right now... 

What else could you ask for when you have good job with good salary as well as flexi working time, good husband and children, loving mom and sisters and families, understanding boss and friends, Alhamdulillah... my life is far than perfect but somehow I am content and happy. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pray for the best

I will definitely give my best in everything... would you do the same to me??

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cooking at Chiangmai

Despite being travel to many places earlier, I found this trip is the best. A short 3 days 2 nights... 

I am not going to talk about the trip... but would like to share on the experience attending a cooking class at Pantawan Cooking School...

It was rather a last minute plan, it was great experience to learn cooking Thai food from Thai people at an exclusive cooking school. The price also reasonable and the staffs all are friendly.

me at my cooking station.. feeling mcm kat masterchef bila ada cooking station sendiri. My class was a small class with 4 students, 1 Chinese from China and @ matsalleh from USA. 
meJauh berjalan luas pengalaman... attending this class really give an idea to me for my future plan... (berangan mode again)
4 type of dishes... i substitute all pork to chicken... I personally love the Calamari in yellow curry very much...